Pawns is a small clothing brand that I started back in 2009. It's goal is simply to produce clothing for everyone to enjoy.

The brand was started as a hope to do something of my own, to share something I enjoy with others. I have loved t-shirt brands from all over and felt it was time to try and create one of my own. It is something I love to do and share and I enjoy explaining the company to people who ask.

The idea behind the name and logo, comes from my own want to create something, to not just be another person working a job. A pawn with dreams of being a king. This basic idea developed into the simple tag like "Always moving Forward".

A literal line, in that, in the game of chess, pawns may only move forward. In a non-literal meaning of, we must all keep pushing on, through the good, the bad, the horrible, the sublime and etc. etc.

Thank you to all who have shown support.